American Surveying & Mapping (ASM) is one of the premier surveying and mapping firms serving the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico. ASM has a professional staff of surveyors and associates who take pride in their ability to provide accurate surveying and responsive service to their clients. Incorporated in 1992, ASM has become a leader in the surveying and mapping industry by providing high quality, professional services to land owners, developers, brokers, attorneys, architects, civil engineering firms, title companies, municipalities, and utility companies.

American Surveying & Mapping remains on the cutting edge of technology and processes all surveys accurately and efficiently at the corporate headquarters under the strictest of quality control monitoring. Our GPS equipment and systems allow ASM to provide our clients with the latest technology the industry has to offer; including static observation for precise baseline positioning, rapid static for routine third order control points, and RTK for precise real-time horizontal and vertical data for hydrographic and topographic surveys. Additionally (GIS) maps are created for a wide array of purposes; including master planning, operations and maintenance, zoning and tax assessment and emergency response.

American Surveying & Mapping guarantees a quality product and superior service within the partnerships we form with each client. Whether we are working on a multi-million dollar development project in the Caribbean, a multi-state project producing 200 ALTA surveys across the United States, or working on a residential mortgage survey for a personal home purchase, ASM will help each client succeed in meeting their goals. ASM offers competitive pricing and a powerfully effective management team whose experience is unparalleled.
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