Based in Winter Park, Florida, American Surveying & Mapping is one of the United States’ largest surveying and mapping companies. Currently we are also working in México, Panama, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Belize, Dominican Republic, Curacao, the British Virgin Islands and we are now planning to expand further into Canada and Europe.

Finding reliable surveyors that can take on a large multi-phased project, be in multiple sites simultaneously, or be willing to work outside their own country with a different culture and language has always been a challenge. American Surveying & Mapping has grown and succeeded over the last 15 years because we have developed a reputation among international land owners, developers, architects, civil engineering firms, utility companies, brokers, lenders, as well as title insurers and attorneys as a vendor that delivers what is promised, accurately and on time for such projects, regardless of property location.

Some of the survey projects that we have completed include various large industrial parks in Mexico, large beach resorts in Costa Rica, a well known hotel and casino in Panama, golf courses in the Bahamas, projects in Santo Domingo, the Virgin Islands, and Mayaguana, and Curacao and many more.

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