When you are a client of American Surveying and Mapping, inc. you will have direct access to a qualified project manager assigned to your project. The project manager will be well versed in all aspects of our services and will work with all of American Surveying and Mapping Incs resources without limitation to be sure our service meets your expectations. This includes our team of in-house surveyors licensed in nearly 20 states; our network of surveyors in all fifty states and about a dozen countries; our quality control teams specializing in reading legal descriptions and verifying that the Schedule B items in a title commitment have been met; our national survey team leader who will be in direct contact with the assigned surveyors who are working for you regardless of their location; and our administration staff that are involved with the status of the project, making sure that everyone is aware of the progress, just to name a few. We will provide professional communication for all aspects of your project to insure your timeframes are met.
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