When you call American Surveying and Mapping, inc. you will be able to speak to a representative that will have immediate access to our in-house resources and we will be able to discuss the type of property or properties that you need surveyed along with the scope of your project.

We will use our “written request form” that you will be able to acknowledge later as a formal request. Our team will be on standby to assist you. In many cases we can offer you an immediate quote and timeframe or in less than 24 hours a formal proposal.


We have simplified the initial ordering / consulting process into 3 main steps.
  1. Call ASM to discuss your land surveying needs, provide certain available information and if requested you will receive an approximate quote and time frame.
  2. Upon request ASM will provide a written request form already filled out based on our discussions.
  3. Simply review and acknowledge the “written request form” and return it to ASM.

ASM will utilize the “written request form” as a scope of services in our formal agreement. We will send the agreement to you with a “fixed fee” as our formal proposal. When you accept the agreement simply return it to ASM as our authorization to proceed.

Our standard “written request form” for an ALTA/ACSM survey already includes:
  1. the identity of the project as provided (description, tax parcel identification number, property address)
  2. a commonly used and accepted surveyor’s certificate (this will most likely exceed or be equivalent to the certificate provided)
  3. American Surveying and Mappings standard “TABLE “A options already included as part of the scope. If there are additional items required then just simply check them off.
At American Surveying and Mapping, Inc, we understand that many times when the survey is ordered all the information that is needed to complete the survey may not be immediately available. Our ALTA/ACSM survey written request form will reference the pertinent information required to start the surveying process and reference an expected date to receive the remainder of the information. These dates will coincide with the scheduled due dates and will be included in our routine status reports.

Many times we may only have type of use of the property along with the tax parcel number or address and location. We will base the quote on that information with a not to exceed land area. We understand that prior to your transaction we may be provided with updated title commitments. Our “fixed fee” is not affected if the description of the property has not changed. Our goal is to control any unexpected cost and to not have surprises that will delay the process.

The following information will need to be provided either before or during the surveying process.
  1. legal description per title commitment or deed
  2. property address
  3. uses of the property or type of improvements
  4. name of project
  5. clients project/identification number
  6. paying party
  7. clients contact information
  8. all the entities that the survey is to be certified to
  9. the name and contact of the title company involved
  10. transaction party contact info (if required)
  11. access to any prior surveys
  12. any existing title commitments
  13. any supporting documents
  14. schedule due dates
  15. schedule closing dates
  16. authorization letter for site access
  17. specific instructions to surveyors if questioned on site
  18. distribution list and overnight billing instructions
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